Jogging Injury

jogging injury

The Injured Runner

You might be in the midst of recovery. Your injury has kept you sidelined, or perhaps you are about to start running soon. As a injured runner it is the best time to start and develop your mental training. Research conducted shows its powerful effe

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Advanced Endurance Coaching

How to Sustain Your Muscle Growth While Injured?

Are you a runner who’s currently injured or suffering a setback and concerned about losing his strength? If yes, then you’re not alone.

When you are injured and unable to train, it certainly puts a break to your strength and endurance development. However, it should not make you a weaker runner. Before we get into the solution to sustain your muscle growth even while injured, let’s talk about how an laceration a fracture, or long term wound affects runners.

Benefits of Advanced Endurance Coaching

How Injury Affects Runners?

For a dedicated or professional runner, encountering an injury and not training and running can be demoralizing. Besides pain and agony, the first-hand symptoms of an injury are lethargy, depression, and irritability.

If you have ever not been able to run, you know this when an athlete is injured: they constantly think about losing their running form and endurance during the period of injury. They constantly fear that their competitors will be training hard while lying down, losing all the strength, form, and endurance they have accomplished.

This constant fear only worsens the effects of the injury.

But, the real question is, do you really lose your running form while injured? Let’s find out.


What People Say

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