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How to Sustain Your Muscle Growth While Injured?

How to Sustain Your Muscle Growth While Injured?

Are you a runner who’s currently injured or suffering a setback and concerned about losing his strength? If yes, then you’re not alone.

When you are injured and unable to train, it certainly puts a break to your strength and endurance development. However, it should not make you a weaker runner. Before we get into the solution to sustain your muscle growth even while injured, let’s talk about how an laceration a fracture, or long term wound affects runners

How Injury Affects Runners?

For a dedicated or professional runner, encountering an injury and not training and running can be demoralizing. Besides pain and agony, the first-hand symptoms of an injury are lethargy, depression, and irritability.

If you have ever not been able to run, you know this when an athlete is injured: they constantly think about losing their running form and endurance during the period of injury. They constantly fear that their competitors will be training hard while lying down, losing all the strength, form, and endurance they have accomplished.

This constant fear only worsens the effects of the injury.

But, the real question is, do you really lose your running form while injured? Let’s find out.

What Does Science Say?

According to scientific proof, you don’t lose your running form when you’re injured. Instead, your muscle growth happens even if you do not even do any real-life exercises and just train your brain.

So, if you’re a runner suffering from an injury: stop worrying about losing your running from right now.

Instead of dreading over losing your potential, it’s time to look for the perfect solution to maintain and grow your running form without doing any real-life exercises. If you want to shift your mindset from fear to confidence while you’re injured or suffering from a setback, then Advanced Endurance Coaching with its hypnorun coaching is for you.

Advanced Endurance Coaching (AEC)

Advance Endurance Coaching trains your brain to build resilience and stay on top of your running form without real-life exercises. With the right mental approach, recovery from an injury and rehabilitation process speed-up makes the AEC program perfect for injured runners.

How Advanced Endurance Coaching Train Your Brain?

Whether you want to improve your running performance or want to stay on top of your running form while you’re injured, AEC provides incredible brain training.

  • Cognitive Strategies

Learning and practicing specific cognitive strategies is the right way to train your brain to build resilience while you’re injured. These strategies aim to train your brain so that your brain doesn’t instruct your muscles to lose their strength and run the form you have acquired over time.

It’s now a fact that building your running form, resilience, and endurance doesn’t just involve your body’s mechanical movements; it’s your brain that programs your body to act in a certain way.

  • Mental Imagery Processes

AEC helps you train your brain for building resilience without doing any real-life exercises through Mental Imagery Processes. These are cognitive simulation processes where perceptual information is represented in your mind without making any sensory inputs. Result: you can make your brain sense that you’re doing certain resilience-building exercises when you’re not actually performing them.

  • Detailed Self-Hypnosis Tutorial

With the power of self-hypnosis, you can accomplish a lot. Many athletes have been able to improve their running performance significantly. Advanced Endurance Coaching teaches self-hypnosis through a detailed tutorial.

  • You can contact me for more information on how to work on your muscle while injured.

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Do you want to avoid losing your running form while you’re injured or suffering from a setback? Advanced Endurance Coaching is all you need to build resilience without doing any exercise.